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Daron Nefcy's tumblr
Daron Nefcy's twitter

Composer's website:
Composer's Tumblr:

Storyboard test:
We learn Tom's name, that he's Star's ex-boyfriend, and that Marco has a crush on a girl named Jackie.

Carn-EVIL storyboard test:

Party with a Pony storyboard:

Intro animatic:
An alternate intro for the show. We see Marco has a crush on the skater girl, confirming that she is Jackie.

Interviews with Daron.

Interview with Eden Sher, voice actress of Star Butterfly:

Interview with Michael C Hall, voice actor of Toffee: (taken down) (oddly, this one seems to be a reupload by the same user, with certain details omitted.)

Interview with Rider Strong, voice actor of Tom the Demon:

Flash of Dancing Star

Star's Wand recreated in Blender'

The tumblr of Brittney Wong's voice actress:

Short fanimation of Star

Star bumper

Bento Animation

Cosplay of Star, sings ending theme

Fanimation of Star running

Star Vs Theme song played on piano

Star doujin (cost one dollars) (if you see a sad panda, learn to how to into cookies.)

Star Intro, without lyrics.

Reddit account of someone who works on the show.

Blood Moon Ball music box arrangement

Adam McArthur (Marco's VA) periscope
Various tidbits and references you might have missed.

Star model blender files (season finale) (regular)

Storyboard Test by Dinolich

Season One Unofficial Soundtrack!0tlHWDCK!Ba_18MCqY-JOLN4qGSp0ChYNS8f8wYprWZqqa72b4hQ

Toffee's Plan
Fan animation of what happened to Toffee after the season 1 finale.

Storyboard test

Lewd Star
Someone took some edited clips of Star and Marco and added animation.
Livechat with Starfan13
Why Star sounds the way she does.
More storyboards


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