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Posted on 2018-12-06 10:01:07 by legion

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Some fucking admin you are legion. Can't even be bothered to properly tag your own shit probably thinking "let someone else clean up my mess"

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I uploaded 64 pics alone the last time in 1 sitting with my busy schedule, while basic they are at least have some tags in it and foremost I am actually uploading shit unlike some others that only are leeching off/not helping to begin with, should expect a bigger amount of submissions with the upcoming tumblr purge but nah easier to moan and bitch than help the non-neet people around here, eh?

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Couldn't you at least make an attempt to refrain posting images as "tagme"? All I'm saying is if other users here bother to do so, so should the person that's running the site.

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Dude, you don't need to play the hero by saving all these pictures off of Tumblr. Many of the pictures you uploaded have already been submitted months ago.

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That is how you know you never uploaded shit here, the tagme tag is added automatic by the system if the pic has like less than 6 tags, that is something related, not me literally writing this, that also means I need to spend time manually taking it out or instead be uploading more pics instead

No Idea if they have been uploaded already, usually the upload system will know if a pic has been uploaded already here if you have ever uploaded anything unless the pic has been modified

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The upload system won't notice if a pic is already here if the picture is bigger or smaller, so anons here can report duplicates (make sure to include a link to the original in the report.)

Boorus are supposed to be community efforts, so any help is welcome.